Passage Plans

The Great Lakes Pilotage Authority strongly recommends any vessel that will be requiring pilotage throughout the Great Lakes region to read and understand the regulations associated with the service. The following links are informative guidelines that are intended to provide a general overview of the Great Lakes Region passage plan. The enclosed links to images of the passage plan are not to be used for navigation. The Great Lakes Pilotage Authority pilots are licensed professionals with the mission of establishing, operating, maintaining and administering in the interest of safety, an efficient pilotage service within the Great Lakes region. They will transit vessels according to their local knowledge and expertise and amend courses and speeds as required throughout the navigational season. Thank you for choosing the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority for your pilotage needs.

Please select the following link to view the GLPA Passage Plans.

Cornwall District
District No.1
Lake Ontario District
District No.2
District No.3