Travel and Hospitality Expenses

Travel and Hospitality Expense Reports

This web site provides information on the travel and hospitality expenses incurred within the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority (the “Authority”) by the Chair of the Board, the Board members, the Chief Executive Officer, and senior managers.

The rules and principles governing travel are outlined in the Authority’s Directive FI-003 Travel and Hospitality Expenditures. The purpose of this policy is to provide for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses necessarily incurred during travel on Authority business.

The Authority extends hospitality in accordance with the rules and principles outlined in its Authority’s Directive FI-003 Travel and Hospitality Expenditures. The objective of the policy is to ensure that hospitality is extended in an economical and affordable way when it facilitates Authority’s business or is considered desirable as a matter of courtesy and protocol.

This web site is updated every three months in order to include information on travel and hospitality expenses for the previous three months.



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