Mandate, Mission and Vision


Our mandate is to establish, operate, maintain and administer a safe and efficient marine pilotage service within designated Canadian waters in the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes Region.


Working in partnership with our key stakeholders, we provide professional, progressive and reliable marine pilotage services that are safe, environmentally sensitive, efficient and economical.


To be the global leader in providing safe and efficient marine pilotage services.

Our Work What we Do

1. Safe Pilotage

We operate and manage the safe pilotage of sea vessels through the Great Lakes waterways. Along with our partners, we ensure safe passage to all sea vessels navigating through the Great Lakes system of lakes and locks.

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2. Tariffs

We fix pilotage tariffs at a level that permits us to operate on a self-sustaining financial basis that we believe are fair and reasonable to our customers.

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3. Pilotage Certification

As a regulatory agency responsible for navigation in the Great Lakes region, we administer and monitor a certification system to provide reasonable reassurance the safe passage of ships in the region.

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