Mandate, Mission, Vision & Values


Our mandate is to establish, operate, maintain and administer a safe and efficient marine pilotage service within designated Canadian waters in the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes Region.


Proactively deliver quality marine pilotage services by collaborating with our stakeholders, leveraging technology, and recruiting proficient pilots and staff.


To be a leader in marine pilotage services that ensures the safe, efficient, sustainable, and reliable movement of goods through the Great Lakes region.


Service Excellence: We are committed to being an agile organization that delivers safe, high-quality services to our stakeholders.
Solutions-Focused: We are collaborative and transparent in addressing opportunities and challenges to create value for our stakeholders.
Care for Our People: We are an organization that is diverse, inclusive and creates opportunities for the professional growth of our people.
Care for the Environment: We are an organization that values and strives to be environmentally responsible.