Financial Reports

Below you’ll find a list of our Financial reports, including our Annual Reports, Quarterly Financial Reports and our Corporate Summaries Report. To review a report, simply click the linked title and a list of downloadable reports will appear.

Year Document Format Size
2016 Annual Report Attached PDF 5.5MB
2015 Annual Report Attached PDF 5.5MB
2014 Annual Report Attached PDF 4.2MB
2013 Annual Report Attached PDF 4.3MB
2012 Annual Report Attached PDF 5.6MB

Year Document Format Size
2017 March 31 PDF 1.06MB
June 30 PDF 2.1MB
September 30 PDF 2.1MB
2016 March 31 PDF 1.06MB
June 30 PDF 1MB
September 30 PDF 1MB
2015 March 31 PDF 1.8MB
June 30 PDF 1MB
September 30 PDF 1MB
2014 March 31 PDF 1.07MB
June 30 PDF 1MB
September 30 PDF 1.37MB
2013 March 31 PDF 438KB
June 30 PDF 443KB
September 30 PDF 589KB
2012 March 31 PDF 443KB
June 30 PDF 443KB
September 30 PDF 439KB


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Our Work What we Do

1. Safe Pilotage

We operate and manage the safe pilotage of sea vessels through the Great Lakes waterways. Along with our partners, we ensure safe passage to all sea vessels navigating through the Great Lakes system of lakes and locks.

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2. Tariffs

We fix pilotage tariffs at a level that permits us to operate on a self-sustaining financial basis that we believe are fair and reasonable to our customers.

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3. Pilotage Certification

As a regulatory agency responsible for navigation in the Great Lakes region, we administer and monitor a certification system to provide reasonable reassurance the safe passage of ships in the region.

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